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  • Metal Roof installed correctly can last a lifetime. 
  • Metal Roofs are Energy Star rated and qualify for tax credits. 
  • Reflects solar radiant heat and can save up to 40% on cooling and heating costs. 
  • Sheds Snow and Ice, which helps prevent Ice Dams. 
  • Withstands wind uplift of up to 130 miles per hour and higher. 
  • Metal Roofs do not rot or crack, and provide excellent corrosion protection. 
  • Metal Roofing is green building material that earns green building credits. 
  • Metal Roofs do not catch on Fire, which reduces home owners insurance.
  • Greatly reduces possibility of roof leaks and need for on-going roof repairs. 
  • Metal Roofs increase the value of your building and pays for itself. 
  • Metal Roofs are long lasting, durable and low maintenance.

Top 10 Benefits Of Metal Roofing
All of our metal roofs are installed to manufactures specifications and recommendations. We also adhere to the Miami Dade county installation codes and fastening schedules ensuring your roof can withstand hurricane force winds or anything else Mother Nature can dish out. All trim from the gables to the ridge caps are custom formed to lock down your new metal roof, keeping out wind, rain and ensuring an energy efficient metal roof that will last a lifetime. Read about our satisfied customers...
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We provide metal roofing installation services to homeowners and businesses throughout the entire state of North Carolina. Absolute Metal Roofs offers a wide selection of metal roofing products and can also supply and install custom metal roofs. Our systems are available in siliconized polyester, Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000 finishes ensuring your metal roof will last a lifetime. When we work on your roof, we treat your home with dignity, respect and attention to the detail. We use only proven metal roofing materials and installation methods. We provide great service at reasonable prices, lifetime of quality, and unmatched warranty.
If you want a North Carolina metal roofing company that prioritizes flawless workmanship, impeccable customer service, and old-fashioned values like family, honesty, and loyalty above all else, Absolute Metal Roofs of Wilmington, NC, is the solution you’re looking for. We handle residential, commercial and industrial metal roofs, installation, and re-roofing projects.
Why Use a Metal Only Roofing Contractor?
Jack of all trade roofers are not metal experts and usually take shortcuts. This is what usually comes with that lowball price. Only trust a reputable metal roofing contractor with your roof.

." The work was done at the exact date that was scheduled. It was very professional and the workers did a great job cleaning up. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting a metal roof. "

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